Why is Ecobat useful? Bat flying over water by Ben Porter

Previously no way of interpreting bat activity data in context - 100 bat passes could be interpreted as either high or low depending on context

Ecobat is a tool to support evidence-based decision-making by offering a standardised method of interpreting bat activity data



What are percentiles? 

Percentiles provide a numerical indicator of the relative importance of a nights’ worth of bat activity by comparing it with a national database

For example, activity data in the 80th percentile would indicate that the recorded data was in the top 20% of activity for the reference range. 



What output will I get? 

When you upload data to Ecobat, as of summer 2017, you will receive a downloadable CSV file containing generated percentiles for each nightly record.

You will also have the option of conducting a more advanced analysis, which will generate a downloadable, pre-formatted report, containing textual and tabulated summary information, as well as graphical output.

Want to contribute and/or analyse your bat activity data? Log in and deposit your data using the secure uploader, then use our analysis pages to generate your output.

To learn more about the principles behind Ecobat, click here.