Did you get an error on some data you were uploading? This page details common errors returned by Ecobat, and how to fix them.

Species name

The Ecobat database will accommodate significant variation in the notation of species names, for example, the following are all accepted: Common pipistrelle, common pip, Pipistrellus pipistrellus, P. pipistrelleus etc. However, this list is not exhaustive, and less common variations may not always be accepted. Please check your spelling, and download the list below for accepted notations.

Accepted Species Name Notations

Location/map reference

The Ecobat databse will accommodate a large number of spatial referencing systems. However, the format for uploading grid/map references may differ between spatial referencing systems. If you are having difficulty uploading your location data, please check your grid references against the following formatting reference list and correct as necessary. If you need to convert your grid references, Grid Reference Finder and The World Coordinate Converter are useful sites.

British National Grid Easting/Northing: Please list the two 6-figure strings in Column A of the pro-forma spreadsheet, or you equivalent, separated by a comma and space, as thus: 291900, 093844

British National Grid: Please list the two 5-figure strings, preceded by the 100km letters in Column A of the pro-forma spreadsheet, or your equivalent, separated by a space, as thus: SX 91900 93844

Alternatively, you can use the 6-figure grid reference, by listing the single 6-figure string, preceded by the 100km letters, without spaces, as thus: SX919938

Detector Make

The Ecobat database will accommodate a range of bat detector makes, however in order to prevent the database from being subset too much, the list of detector makes Ecobat will accept are as follows:

- Batbox
- Ciel
- Courtpan
- ecoObs GmbH
- Elekon
- Magenta
- Peersonic
- Pettersson
- Titley Scientific
- Wildlife Acoustics