Ecobat provides tools for the standardised, rigorous interpretation of bat activity data

Ecobat is currently offline for essential maintenance. 

The Ecobat apps (both Within Night and Per Night) are currently offline for essential maintenance. Please keep checking this webpage for further updates.

NatureScot are aware of this maintenance which is preventing users from accessing Ecobat reports.

We are unable to provide information on when Ecobat will be back online, as we do not currently have a timeline for when the essential maintenance will be complete.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you are having issues with using Ecobat, please read through our Troubleshooting page here.

A new version of the 'Within Night' Ecobat is now available on the main Mammal Society website. The new version aims to be more user friendly and fixes some report issues. You can learn more about the app and try it out here

Watch our CIEEM webinar here

If you have any questions, please contact or join our new Google forum and post your question there:!forum/ecobat-chat 


Serotine (Hugh Clarke & the Bat Conservation Trust)

         How Ecobat can help:

              1. Quantify bat activity relative to local and national datasets - to help identify sites at risk from development

              2. Assess nightly variability in bat activity - to help identify sites with roosts nearby

              3. Produce easy-to-use, report-ready summaries - to make your life easier





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